My Trip to the Second Sunday Camera Show in Jersey

Finally got around to watching the movie Interstellar that I had DVR’d about 2 years ago. Not sure what that says about me. In any case it got me thinking about my experience the next day going to what admittedly is a tiny regional camera show – The Second Sunday Camera Show, at the fire station in Wayne, New Jersey.

Like the movie’s human colony near Saturn, I thought of the show as an outpost of analog gear activity in the fight against the digital onslaught. Yes, there was a certain amount of digital stuff and a range of odds and ends such as filters, camera bags, straps and beat up accessories available, but interestingly enough, most of what I saw was old film cameras and associated lens … and yes … film!

I’ve been going to these things for most of my life and they are usually a lot fun if not sometimes frustrating. Sort of like going into a candy store. Plus it gives me an opportunity to get rid of my odds and ends that have been sitting around and gathering dust.

While much of what I saw had been around the block so to say, there were many fine camera bodies and lenses by the top manufacturers available in nice condition and at good prices. Everything from miniature formats to large format view cameras.

This was not a big show and I have been to many larger ones, but it was enjoyable nevertheless. Over the years I have found nice deals on camera gear, darkroom equipment and all sorts of hard to find items I’ve been looking by rummaging through the ubiquitous large cardboard spare parts boxes that are always a staple of these events. Nothing this time, but I did sell an unwanted item that paid for my $6 admission!

So why not find out if there are any camera shows near where you live. They’re a lot of fun and you can score some really neat stuff … or just unload some “obsolete” digitalia.

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