Edward and Brett Weston: Dune

What a wonderful book! If you like gorgeous black and white landscape images focused on the great deserts of the Southwest … and you like Edward Weston and his son Brett Weston … then this book is for you! Actually, even if you are on the fence about photographs of sand dunes, this is a book that deserves to be on everyone’s bookshelf.

It’s an interesting concept carried out masterfully. The book contains great introductory essays by Edward’s one time wife and muse Charis Wilson, and Brett’s friend and biographer John Charles Woods. Also included are wonderful excerpts taken from correspondences between father and son.

But what really counts though are the beautifully reproduced images of the great sand dunes, presented in a way that enables them to stand on their own for the treasures they are, but also in a manner that allows us to compare and contrast the vision of two of the Twentieth Century’s most important photographers.

This extraordinary book is bargain and still in print. Get it; you won’t be sorry!

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